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dBm to Watt Conversion Calculator

dBm to Watt

dBm ... mW W
dBm = log10 (mW)*10mW =10^(dBm/10)

Are you developing a wireless network? Let us help!

We have a staff full of guys that geek out over this stuff and can help you with:

  • Project planning
  • Heat mapping
  • Path profiling
  • Network pre-configuration
  • Channel planning
  • Radio and antenna recommendations
  • Spectrum analysis

All at ZERO COST to you. We just love what we do and want to help.

dBm to Watt Conversion Table

40 dBm10 W
36 dBm4 WMaximum ERP allowed by FCC in U.S.
30 dBm1 W
27 dBm500 mW
26 dBm400 mW
25 dBm320 mW
24 dBm250 mW
23 dBm200 mWTypical output from WLAN devices at 915MHz
22 dBm160 mW
21 dBm130 mW
20 dBm100 mWMaximum ERP allowed by E.T.S.I. In Europe
15 dBm32 mWTypical Wireless LAN transmission power in laptops
10 dBm10 mW
5 dBm3.2 mW
4 dBm2.5 mW
3 dBm2.0 mW
2 dBm1.6 mW
1 dBm1.3 mW
0 dBm1.0 mW
-1 dBm0.79 mW
-5 dBm0.32 mW
-10 dBm0.1 mWTypical maximum received signal power (−10 to −30 dBm) of wireless networks
-20 dBm0.01 mW
-30 dBm0.001 mW
-40 dBm0.0001 mW
-50 dBm0.00001 mW
-60 dBm0.000001 mW
-70 dBm0.0000001 mW
-80 dBm0.00000001 mWReceive threshold for most WLAN devices

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