FCC Regulations Affecting 802.11 and WiFi

Compliance with FCC transmit power limitations does not equal compliance with FCC regulations.

It is illegal, per FCC Part 15 regulations, to implement a wireless LAN that is not certified. Violation of FCC regulations can result in fines, imprisonment, and confiscation of the wireless link that violates the regulations.


Intentional Radiators Sec. 15.204

External radio frequency power amplifiers and antenna modifications.

(a) Except as otherwise described in paragraph (b) of this section, no person shall use, manufacture, sell or lease, offer for sale or lease (including advertising for sale or lease), or import, ship, or distribute for the purpose of selling or leasing, any external radio frequency power amplifier or amplifier kit intended for use with a Part 15 intentional radiator.

(b) A transmission system consisting of an intentional radiator, an external radio frequency power amplifier, and an antenna, may be authorized, marketed and used under this part. However, when a transmission system is authorized as a system, it must always be marketed as a complete system and must always be used in the configuration in which it was authorized. An external radio frequency power amplifier shall be marketed only in the system configuration with which the amplifier is authorized and shall not be marketed as a separate product.

(c) Only the antenna with which an intentional radiator is authorized may be used with the intentional radiator.

[62 FR 26242, May 13, 1997]

The above information provided herein is provided merely as a reference resource and by no means should be interpreted as legal advise. All potential purchasers or users are advised to retain legal counsel to advise them on the applicability of any laws or regulations imposed on them by any regulatory body with jurisdiction over the area from which they are buying products or where they plan to deploy them.
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